Psychobabylon with Kath and the Kicks and The Red Pills

360 Club, Leeds


''If this is indicative of the UK underground we can all rest easy." - Kerrang

Promoting their album 'Residue of Hope'

“A great second album - 5 stars. Enjoy!” - Planet Mosh.

“The album - it’s a cracking roxxtastic listen - a 5/5 verdict.” - TBFM

''Stand out with their well-honed two guitar attack'' - Classic Rock Magazine

A monolythic juggernaut of music. With fibrous riffs able to clear out your soul, beats, melodies and lead lines that will make you rethink your very existence and leave a blank canvas for unimaginable possibilities. ============== Kath and The Kicks

‘Kath is a frontwoman you wouldn’t mess with – she’s got a voice like a cider-drunk angel and her tunes are infectious’ – Louder Sound

‘What they do is fantastic, they just rock big time. Go see them if you like a band that rocks, can play really well and has great songs. Go see them if you want to be entertained, bloody hell just go see them.’ – Local Sound Focus

Leeds based Kath & The Kicks present alternative heavy rock with blues-rattlesnake overtones; filthy garage rock meets Jack White, a blistering combination from this power trio, with a new line-up. ============== The Red Pills

A Leeds based DIY funk, punk n' roll band. Despite being a self-ridiculing bunch valuing off-the-wall humour, they're equally at home railing against the injustices of the world.

Their live show 'has to be seen to be believed' according to Leeds Music Scene and has been described as 'refreshingly bonkers'.

Fusing rock, blues and punk with tight funky rhythms, the Red Pills are about the live show. "Their antics are energetic, entertaining, original and perhaps a little mad." ============== The Last Episode

Formed over the Summer and Autumn of 2018 in Leeds, they’ve spent the last few months honing an impressive array of original songs, with a distinctive and eclectic melodic style, echoing classic and contemporary indie, and alternative rock influences.

They bring world-weariness, wonder, reinvigoration, fear, vitality, anger, hope, something to bring us all together.

The Last Episode have recently released their first 4-track EP, with 2 more to follow this summer. ============== £6 adv: Crash Records, See Tickets, from bands. £7.50 OTD. 18+